It is a bit Corsican, definitely Mareillaise and basically Calanquaise. This is the story of a little girl fascinated by the beauty of the jewelry of her grandmother Corsica Mamoune.

Her ornaments, precious stones from the end of the world, the power of crystals and their legends, she is interested in the power of stones and lithotherapy.

Nathalie, Sormiou's little girl is dreaming a lot. Determined, it puts all its heart in search of valuable objects and has been made up of singular collections since it was mined. From the most beautiful shells of calanques to silk wire reels, rare santons to mythical ex-voto....

Nathalie chines a lot but throws her devotee on the precious ones that have meaning, the rare objects loaded with history, necklaces and Puka bracelets (the famous necklaces and surfing bracelets), fine stone wolves, raw diamond.

Nathalie is the freshness of living, the strength anis, the pleasure of offering and the joy of receiving! For more than 10 years she has made her own jewellery but it is on the occasion of a forced rest, that she decides to share her collections, the desires are assembled and take shape. She's wearing beads. To speak. And needle wire, precious gem beads, My Precious Gem was born. My Precious Gem, necklaces and bracelets from a story, it’s Nathalie’s treasures now accessible.