Detail rate repairs :

1. Our jewelry is guaranteed for 6 months.

This warranty applies for damages to chains, cables or clasps only. Return fees may be requested.

Wolves, palms, shark teeth, condors, cauris, feathers and broken hearts are not guaranteed and will be replaced as impossible to repair or recollegate at the rate of:

- 60€ for rolla bolla

- 50€ for condors, shark teeth, palm trees and wolves.

- 25€ for feathers, leaves, cauris and hearts.

2. In addition to the 6-month period, the repair rates for jewellery are as follows:

For necklaces:

- Chain, cable or clasp : 35€

- Chain, cable or clasp with addition of missing beads: 50€

- Bitter alone (condor, palm tree, shark teeth, leaves): 16€

- For necklaces and bracelets (Coeur, Goutte, Jellies and Candies): 15€

For bracelets:

- Chain, cable or clasp: 25€

- Chain, cable or clasp with addition of missing beads : 35€

For the BOs:

- Repair mounting : 14€

- Missing stone (slip, small leaf, puka): 16€

- Missing figure (palmiers, shark teeth, leaf, feather): 50€

These rates are informative, they can be slightly different depending on the break.

Do not hesitate to contact us by email with a photo of the broken jewel in order to obtain a personalized quote.